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Annual Meeting May 22, 6-7pm all Magnify members are invited by the church board for an important meeting and a time of celebrating God’s faithfulness throughout the past year. Anyone can attend this meeting, however only members are allowed to make public comment and vote.
Q & A times: May 22, 10:15-10:45am or 4:45-5:45pm at Rockford, room 304.

Love Kids? – Women at Magnify is looking for people to work on Tuesday mornings during Women’s Bible Study. This is a paid position. We have a few weeks of Spring study followed by summer study. Contact Amy Barteld for more info, [email protected].

Summer Events – registration is open for Bare Soles, Total Impact and Tetons, check out our summer events page for additional details and dates.

Employment Opportunity at Magnify – Custodian position, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. 16 hours per week. This role assists our mission of Always Making Disciples by: providing customer-oriented custodial support that supports the mission, vision, values of Magnify. Primarily at the Rockford location with the ability to work at the other locations as needed. Please email [email protected] to apply.

Giving Update as of May 16, 2022

May 2022

Typical May

To Date

Budgeted Income 463,333 549,166 5,346,154
Actual Income 256,971 256,971 5,430,924
Surplus (shortfall) -206,362 -292,195 84,770



Interested in Serving at Magnify? You can use your gifts and have fun in the process. Visit this page and start the process. 


Jonathan and Hannah Victor – India

We couldn’t restart our weekly outreach with school children from this past January due to a delay in the reopening of schools for all children. The schools are beginning their regular schedule and we will be able to resume in June.

The Hindu men and women who work on our construction/campus are exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ regularly. We present to them Jesus and two have trusted in Him.

Hannah continues to teach the Bible to boys at the campus after school who eagerly listen, love Jesus and are beginning to understand that He is the only true and living God. We need your prayer support in this worthy effort. We would like to set up a small planetarium to educate school

children on God’s creation as they are soaked in the myths of evolution taught in school. The roof work on our chapel building will begin by next month. We have bought the pipes; they are being painted now. Prices have gone up, compared to the budget we have planned earlier.

We are currently preparing the final draft of Acts, James and Colossians, for the second trial edition in the Rathawi language. We hope the printed copies of these three NT books will be finished by next month. The gospel of Mark was published as the first trial edition. The consultant checking of Ecclesiastes was completed in Feb with the Chiru language translators.

Updated May 18, 2022