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We are grateful to maintain our ability to gather together. In order for this to be possible, each member of our church family must do their part by being considerate of the health and safety of themselves and others. This means that if you show symptoms of any sickness or are exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, we ask you to worship with us online until it’s safe to return to an in-person gathering. 

Magnify at Northview, Ensley & Rockford Locations – We ask that you wear a mask as you move through our buildings, once you are seated you may remove your mask. For additional information check out our Sunday Experience page. 

Adult Sunday Night Class – March 7, Student Center at Rockford. Developing a Christian Mind with Rob Bowman. Christianity is founded on Good News, a life-changing message. It provides a framework for understanding our world and everyday things in our lives. For more Sunday Nights info, click here.

Membership Classes – March 7, 10:50am all 3 locations. Email [email protected] for additional details.

Prayer – If you would like to be involved in praying for Magnify and our church family please visit our prayer page and sign up to pray or submit a prayer request.

Zone Zero – March 12, 7-10pm Kids in grades 3, 4 and 5 invite your friends to the event of the year! There is so much to explore and discover in each ZONE we set up just for you! Details here.

REVIVE – Friday, March 19, 7-10pm; Are you tired? Worn out….come to me…..Matthew 11:28-30. All women are invited to Rockford for rest and casual, intentional connection with women. Hot drinks and conversation, scrapbooking or make a prayer box. $10.00 donation if you make a prayer box. Contact Veronica, [email protected] with questions, or find more info here.

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Jason and Lisa Hovingh – Tunisia

As I walked into a supermarket today it felt familiar. I knew which way to turn my cart to buy the items on my list. I consider this a big win in the process of ‘belonging’. Let’s just say we are taking it one baby step at a time. Our gap in language reminds us everyday of how tiny our steps may seem, and yet as we look back we know substantially more than we did 7 weeks ago. Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf.

The goal of our team and our organization at large is to plant the church among unreached people groups in teams. In order to meet that goal we are pressing forward each week in abiding, language, cultural understanding, team life, and new relationships. Regardless of how noble this may sound we know that our efforts are meaningless without the work of the gospel being evident in our lives and in the lives of the people that God is drawing unto Himself.  Thank you for your continued prayers to that end.

Updated March 4, 2021