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We are grateful to maintain our ability to gather together. In order for this to be possible, each member of our church family must do their part by being considerate of the health and safety of themselves and others. This means that if you show symptoms of any sickness or are exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, we ask you to worship with us online until it’s safe to return to an in-person gathering. 

Magnify at Northview, Ensley & Rockford Locations – We ask that you wear a mask as you move through our buildings, once you are seated you may remove your mask. For additional information check out our Sunday Experience page. 

Encore Presentation – Olympic Surrender – We are happy to present an additional opportunity for you to enjoy our Easter presentation. There will be an encore showing via livestream on April 4 at 7pm. More info and register to view here.

Sunday Night Adult Class – April 11 (No pm programming April 4)
Biblical Worldview, Rise of the Modern Self with Josh Vajda, Who are you? Who do you want to be? In our modern culture, it seems the only project more important than discovering yourself is making yourself. Join us as we examine how our culture talks about identity and how a more biblical view can meet our deepest needs for identity and purpose.

Sunday Nights Adult Class – April 18 – May 2
Moses, Jesus, and Paul: Learning from Master Teachers of the Bible with Steve White. When it comes to passing our faith on to others, Jesus commanded us to be “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” Matthew 28:20a ESV. Oftentimes our struggle with effective delivery isn’t so much with knowing what to teach as it is with knowing how to teach it. In this course we will explore the teaching practices of three of the Bible’s master teachers – Moses, Jesus and Paul. By observing how they taught, we will gain insight into what it takes for us to winsomely engage others in faith conversations anywhere, anytime – in the marketplace, with friends, at home and at church.

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