A new name to Magnify His.

Blythefield Hills Baptist Church is now Magnify Church.
His name has the power to redeem. Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life has gone. A new life has begun. Join us as we live out our mission to Magnify His name.

The NEXT generation matters.

From the newborn to the twenty something, the next generation matters to us. We are committed to creating environments that fuel the wonder, discovery and passion of young faith.

On a mission.

Learn about our local and global efforts to make Jesus known.

Magnify App

Available on all platforms for phone, tablet, Apple TV and Roku.

¿Necesita Traducción al Español?

La traducción al español está disponible a las 9 y 10:50A en nuestro campus de Rockford. Deténgase en nuestro mostrador de información y alguien le ayudará.

Spanish translation is available at 9 and 10:50a at our Rockford Campus. Stop by our Information Desk and someone will help you.