Mission & Values

Always Making Disciples.

This is our mission. It begins inside as we grow in the values expressed below. Our mission moves outside as we bring the hope of Jesus to our community and the world.

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Passion for God. Gratitude, the prevailing attitude of a Jesus-follower. Gratitude for God’s redemptive work through Jesus fuels passionate worship for God every day of the week. Sunday is unique – it is when we humbly lay down our agendas and open our hearts to meet with God and his people. We meet corporately to pray, worship and learn from the Bible. This practice helps us align our story with God’s story. Meeting Sunday prepares us to worship God every day, in every aspect of our lives.

Growing in truth. We must change. No coasting. The Words of God are powerful and true. We actively renew our minds to know His story intimately. The Bible offers clarity to interpret the world and our experiences of life as God intends. Our life-long journey emerges from the grip of brokenness through the transforming power of God. We are empowered to grow and change – to live out the new heart through the Word of God, the people of God and the Spirit of God.

Real means authentic. No masks. Honest talk about who we are and our need for redemption to encourage each other. Though made for relationships, we abandon God, hurt each other, hide in shame. Sin. Jesus is our only hope. In Him we are new. His way is openness, healing, transformation and service as his followers connect deeply with Him and each other. Change occurs within community by the Spirit as we speak the truth in love, honor one another and extend care. Transformation leads to service – the outward focus.

Others first. Every disciple is wired by God’s Spirit to play a part in His redemptive work in others. No job is too small. No person insignificant. Everyone is to be equipped to serve others. Passion, talent, style and opportunity converge with sensitivity to the Spirit’s direction to serve others fruitfully in the church and then in the community and in the world.

All we have is from God. We are stewards, not owners. Time, talent and treasure given under His direction aid in the renewal of all things. We give because we ‘get to’ – grateful, wise, consistent. We get to be part of the larger story of redemption. We start with our commitment to the local church and extend to a broader compassion to reach a desperate world.

We believe that Jesus alone is the hope of the world. He gave the mission to his followers to take this good news of grace and hope to the world. Through prayer, loving actions and our words we help people to be reconnected to their heavenly father. Our mission begins locally in our community and extends to the far corners of the globe.