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Wherever you are in your journey, you are welcome with us. 
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Ignite Tonight – at all 3 locations, join all volunteers to attend tonight’s conference with different break out sessions at each location. Reservations needed, contact [email protected] if you wish to attend.

Codebreaker – March 1, We welcome you to join us for a night of intense competition, puzzles and challenges, open to all 5/6 students details online.

Membership Classes – Membership means partnership. When you become a member of Magnify you take the next step of always making disciples. If you are interested in any of these times for classes email [email protected] for   an application and further information.

March 3 at 10:50am at Rockford or Northview
March 10 at 10:50am at Ensley

Newcomers Dessert – March 6, 7-9pm. Do you enjoy dessert? Have you decided to make Magnify Church your home church? Matt and Lesley Zainea are hosting the next Newcomers Dessert at their home. To sign up, go to

Zone Zero – March 8, Calling all 3/4 students to discover an amazing ZONE. Laser tag, obstacles video games, etc. Details and registration available online. 

Giving Update as of February 19, 2024

                                    To Date
*Planned Income       $4,388,123
Actual Income           $4,089,902
Surplus (shortfall)        ($298,221)       

*congregation approved budget of $6,004,800 for ministry year June 2023-May 2024.


Ensley Sundays

  • 9am service only: Birth- Grade 4
  • 10:50am: Birth – preschool

Northview Sundays

  • 9am service only: Birth- Grade 4

Rockford Sundays

  • 9am: Birth- Grade 4; and Oasis
  • 10:50am: Birth- Grade 4

For Sundays, Wednesdays and other days, visit our Students page for meeting times and places at each location.

1829 is designed for young adults. Join us at Rockford or Ensley, Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm

Small groups are available for men, women, couples and singles.



March 1 – Codebreaker
March 8 – Zone Zero

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Interested in Serving at Magnify? You can use your gifts and have fun in the process. Visit this page and start the process. 


Mel Boerema – Canada First Nations People
Since we, the People of Piikani Lighthouse Fellowship commissioned Doug IronShirt, pastor of our small fellowship on the Piikani Nation of the Blackfoot Confederation, life has changed. Since Sally’s death in November, 2022. I am doing ministry alone. I spend more time concentrating on people within the Piikani First Nation community. With Doug as pastor, he and his wife Laura are taking the lead and more First Nations People are coming to them for spiritual advice. The chief often calls Doug for prayer. I am less visible, but my schedule has not slowed. I spend time being a sounding board for Doug and Laura as they deal with issues common to pastors and unique to our community. Doug and Laura have been used to lead 8 people to faith in Jesus Christ. I am counseling and teaching those who are not seekers but those who deal with seekers. After 45 years of front-line evangelism, it is a little different to be the cheerleader to those doing the evangelism.

Piikani Lighthouse has a reputation within the community as the church that is open to the community and to all people. There are other churches in our community, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic and Anglican, but the official religion of the Nation is the ‘Sun Dance’. The view of Piikani Lighthouse is that we do not teach against other religions, put keep teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  When we see people come to faith in Jesus Christ, they do not come with a background of family who support them.  To publicly declare yourself to be a follower of Jesus Christ is to put a barrier between one’s self and family. We have new believers that Doug and Laura are dealing with who are feeling pressure from family because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  Doug and Laura are uniquely gifted in dealing with this because when Laura was baptized her family quit talking to her for some time, but now they call her and Doug for prayer and counseling.


Wherever you are in your journey, you are welcome here. If this is your first time with us or if you have been here for years, we want to connect with you.

Updated February 22, 2024