Love Your Neighbor UPDATE (wk of 2.4.24)

Love Your Neighbor UPDATE (wk of 2.4.24)

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This week we are shifting the approach to hand-outs for this series.

You’ll find the new handouts slimmer, more focused on conversation, Scripture reading, and Next Steps.

We also will now only be providing the handouts the week-of, rather than the week prior.

Our desire is to eliminate some confusion, create more room for dialogue and more focus on what matters most: growing our love-relationship with God and others.

LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR has been crafted out of a desire to help us as men dig into the hard conversations of our day, seek out what God has to say about them, and have our hearts be transformed to look more and more like Jesus’ as we moved forward together. We believe the shift in our handouts will help in that.

For any questions or thoughts, please contact us: [email protected]