A man ahead, behind, and shoulder to shoulder.

These resources are designed to guide you both as an individual and together with your men’s group on a discipleship path. The steps are highly encouraged to be done in order on your journey. Our goal is to have every man join a discipleship group, then to multiply and disciple another group of men.

33 The Series: A Bible study that builds upon many of the timeless truths taught by Robert Lewis in the original Men’s Fraternity curriculum but also includes new material on authentic manhood. The series is designed to inspire and equip men to pursue authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ in His 33 years on earth.

Every Man A Warrior is a discipleship course that helps men walk with God, succeed in life and spiritually multiply. It tells the stories of real men dealing with real life issues and how God has solutions. Men meet in groups of no more than six.

Discipleship Path – This curriculum is designed to help you walk deeper in your relationship with Jesus and grow closer as a group while developing your own daily spiritual rhythms in discipleship groups of four.

  • Start: Creating Safety
  • Story: Knowing Your Heart
  • Surrender: Knowing God
  • Sent: Making God Known

Spirit School – Learn what it means to live a life controlled by the impulses of the Holy Spirit and be motivated to pursue spiritual realities. Life in the Spirit puts to death the corrupt ways of the flesh and experiences God’s abundant life.

Foundations I – The building of a successful life begins with a solid, foundational understanding and application of the Bible. Legendary Bible teacher Derek Prince walks you step-by-step through this essential process in this thorough presentation of essential Christian doctrine taken from Hebrews 6:1-3.


  1. Founded on the Rock – Weekly Devotional
  2. Authority and Power of God’s Word – Weekly Devotional
  3. Through Repentance to Faith – Weekly Devotional
  4. Faith and Works – Weekly Devotional
  5. Immersion in Water – Weekly Devotional
  6. Immersion in the Spirit – Weekly Devotional
  7. Transmitting God’s Power – Weekly Devotional
  8. At the End of Time – Weekly Devotional
  9. Resurrection of the Body – Weekly Devotional
  10. Final Judgement – Weekly Devotional
  11. Exercising Spiritual Gifts 1 – Weekly Devotional
  12. Exercising Spiritual Gifts 2 – Weekly Devotional
  13. Exercising Spiritual Gifts 3 – Weekly Devotional

Warfare – Like it or not, you are at war. You face a defeated enemy out to destroy you. The battlefield is primarily in your mind so you can’t escape the conflict. This spiritual war has crucial consequences in your everyday life and its outcome will determine your Kingdom effectiveness on this earth. You must engage the enemy, and as you fight understand that you fight from a place of victory in Jesus Christ.

  1. Spiritual Warfare 1, Prince – Weekly Devotional
  2. Spiritual Warfare 2, Prince – Weekly Devotional
  3. Ramirez Testimony
  4. Battle Strategies, Zadai and Ramirez – Weekly Devotional
  5. Spiritual Warfare Training 1, Ramirez – Weekly Devotional
  6. Spiritual Warfare Training 2, Ramirez – Weekly Devotional
  7. Spiritual Warfare Training 3, Ramirez – Weekly Devotional
  8. How To Start A War,  Zadai –  Weekly Devotional
  9. How To Do Spiritual Warfare, Van Vlymen – Weekly Devotional

Foundations II – Digging into the Scriptures, Andrew Wommack reveals the spiritual significance of your choices, words, and actions and how they affect your ability to stand against the attacks of Satan and to receive God’s best. Discover the powerful truths behind true spiritual authority and begin seeing real results. God’s response isn’t based on the things you must do; it’s based on what Jesus already did. This material will help you eliminate the doubt-filled questions that attempt to destroy your faith.

Purpose and Calling – There has been a growing hunger and passion in the hearts of God’s people– birthed by the Holy Spirit– to walk more fully in the Spirit and access all that the Word indicates is yours. This curriculum is a roadmap as you journey into the lifestyle and mindset that God destined for you to enjoy. Walking in a relationship with the Lord is not only for a select few. This dynamic relationship with the Father belongs to all believers who choose to pursue the promises of God for themselves–it belongs to you.

  • Walking in the Glory 1-5 – Weekly Devotional
  • Walking in your Calling and Purpose – Weekly Devotional
  • Seer School 1-2 – Weekly Devotional
  • Eagle’s Eyes 1-7 – Weekly Devotional
  • Allen, Van Vlymen, Kemp Zoom Calls – Weekly Devotional

Questions? Contact Andrew Bauer, Executive Pastor or Kathryn Jones, Adult Small Group/Men’s Ministry Admin.

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