Sarah Tow

I am so happy to let our group know that adoptions are moving along again!! Oh how the enemy wants to use the pandemic and all our confusion to keep us from reaching out to the orphan community. I am praising God that our prayers for our body of believers to push through and keep moving ahead are being answered!!

Sarah Tow is a dear single mom who adopted her little guy right in the middle of the pandemic last year! She and her mom ( both personal friends of mine forever) drove all the way to the western coast of the US in order to complete his adoption and bring him home! Now this adorable little guy's birth mom has reached out to the agency and specifically asked if Sarah would adopt his little baby sister due in November! How could Sarah say no? Please read her story below and if you should feel able, please join her in her journey if only through prayer! If you need to enter the family name just type Sarah Tow and "Little Mister is getting a Sister" will come up!

Thank you for constant support of adopted families at Magnify!

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