30 Days of Praying

The Adoption group at Magnify Church ( Grafted ) has been working consistently to support adopted, foster and vulnerable children.  We have held a dinner every year on Orphan Sunday for a number of years now.  We have had winter support classes for 3 years.  We have offered speakers during the spring as well as Moms' Night Out.  We have also joined together to welcome new children into families by bringing meals, babysitting and our Grafted prayer.

This year we do not know exactly how our Orphan Sunday dinner will look, but we do have another item to offer:  30 Days of Praying for Adopted, Foster and Vulnerable Children.  We will start on October 1 just to keep it from being confusing.  I will attach the entire Prayer at the end of this email.  These are times when Christians are crying out to God for clarity,  truth, and mercy.  We can cry out to God for vulnerable children as well.  God knows how many children in our community will need His love and  practical physical needs met.  We want to be a church who is ready to answer the call.  Please join in praying for these children.

If you would prefer to receive the prayer day by day through email, please email (only) me [email protected] to let me know.  I would be happy to send out each day separately.

30 Days of Prayer (PDF)

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