Teton Backpacking Adventure

Cut the chatter and noise of the digital age, and join us in the good ol’ fashioned wilderness. Together, we will explore God’s marvelous creation in extraordinary ways as we hike, swim, climb, and bushwack our way through the Tetons. We expect you will experience a transformative and life-giving connection with God and the people around you. Are you ready?

Who: Students grades 11 & 12
When: July 2-10

  • Leaving July 2 (early morning)
  • Returning July 10 (late evening)

Where: Bridger-Teton and Gros Ventre Wilderness
Cost: $420 students, $300 leaders
Contact: Will McComb, [email protected]

Tetons groups are being formed. If you are interested in the trip, please email Emily.

Teton Wilderness Adventure Trip Overview

Details and Packing List

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