Sunday Nights

Sunday Nights at Magnify are all about connection, learning, and family. All the action kicks off at Rockford at 5:30pm with snacks, classes begin at 6pm. Kids (Birth-Grade 4) check-in begins at 5:45 pm at Rockford only.

For students grades 5-12, click here for meeting times.

Special Dates and Events

  • Oct 11 Praise Service
  • Nov 8 Fall Theatre 3pm. No PM programming.
  • Dec 6 Kid’s Christmas Performance
  • Dec 20 Candlelight Service

Classes Offered September 13 – December 12

Conversation Bible Reading: Gospel of Luke with Steve White
Room 164
When you read the Bible, how does your imagination “see it”? How do your mental pictures compare with those of others in our culture… or with people in other cultures around the world and throughout history? Join us this fall as we read the Gospel of Luke and compare our imagined pictures with those of other biblically influenced culture creators throughout history. The aim will be to sharpen our vision of the Gospel applied in real-life situations today.

Hard Questions Welcome with Rob Bowman
Room 421
Being a Christian does not mean having all the answers. If you are sometimes unsure what to believe, or people ask you hard questions about Christianity, you’re not alone. This class will help you learn how to think about your faith and share what you believe with others. Bring questions, uncertainties, even doubts. Feel free to bring friends or family members who do not yet believe in Christ.

Marriage Class with Gary & Karen Baker, Gary & Lisa Heim, Louie & Mona Konopka
Come join us as we talk about who meets my needs, who meets my desires, and how.

Women’s Study – The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)
Cost $10
Room 353
The followers of Jesus are to be different, different from both the nominal church and the secular world, different from the religious and the irreligious. The Sermon on the Mount is the most complete delineation anywhere in the New Testament of the Christian counter-culture. Here is a Christian value system, ethical standard, religious devotion, attitude to money, ambition, lifestyle and network of relationships – all of which are totally at variance with those in the non-Christian world. And this Christian counter-culture is the life of the Kingdom of God, a fully human life indeed, but a life lived out under the divine rule. – John Stott

Using the inductive study method S.P.A.C.E. you will personally hear from the Holy Spirit through your daily time in the scripture. This study features 15 min of homework for 5 days each week, live teaching and small group discussion.

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Room 310, begins at 5:30pm
Grieving the loss of someone close to you? Find comfort and support at GriefShare. No matter if the loss is recent or years ago, doing grief work leads to a path of healing. GriefShare is a Christ-centered, 13-week video-based ministry. This class is designed to reach and help Magnify Church attendees as well as any community members in the grieving process in a safe and loving environment. One may join on any week, though attendees are encouraged to commit to all sessions if possible. Co-leaders: Todd Heminger, [email protected] and Melissa Sagorski-Hall, 616-560-7785.


Biblical Finance Q&A
Portable 3
Stuck in debt? Wondering about investments? Stressed out about finances? Join us as we talk through a Biblical process and principles for handling your money.

Magnify Bible Institute

MBI Classes, (all $25 per person, registration required)
Magnify Bible Institute provides an opportunity for instruction in the foundations of the Christian faith. A series of 16 courses works through the core tenets of theology and biblical studies.

Bible: Torah* with Dr. Brian Webster
Room 304
The first five books of the Bible, form an essential foundation for understanding the rest of God’s revelation. This class will not only give you facts about the history and background of the books, it will teach you sound principles for diving into them on your own. We will be using the book Survey of the Old Testament by Hill and Walton

*Prerequisite: Complete our “How to Study the Bible” class or read Living and Learning God’s Word by Daniel Estes.

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Theology: Humanity and Sin with Josh Vajda
Room 300
The Magnify Bible Institute’s five theology courses walk through the major doctrines of the Christian faith. This section covering, “Humanity and Sin” will help you to understand the Christian perspective regarding who we are and our most fundamental problem.

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Sunday Nights at Ensley

The evening begins with acoustic bluegrass hymns, followed by Men’s and Women’s Studies. Formal programming will not be offered for kids or students, however approved adults will be available to supervise kids and students of all ages if needed (suggested $3 donation for this option).

Men’s Study
33 Men’s Series

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Women’s Study
Unexplainable Jesus: The Gospel of Luke

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