Men at Magnify

Men at Magnify will meet weekly beginning September 12, 2022. 

Men at Magnify exists to create spaces where guys can be guys and be intentionally pointed toward Jesus. We get together throughout the year in large gatherings and in small groups to talk about God, life and everything in between. We hope to encourage and sharpen you as a man for life.

Our team is very excited about Fall 2022! We’re working to build intentional events, groups, studies and opportunities for men to grow.

If you’re interested in getting connected or have any questions, connect with Trent (Director of Men at Magnify). 


Men at Magnify groups

  • Men at Magnify, Sunday evenings
  • Men at Magnify, Wednesdays at 6:30pm
  • Every Man a Warrior, Various Days/Times
  • Men at Magnify
    • Mondays at 7pm
    • Wednesdays at 6am
  • Every Man a Warrior, Various Days/Times

FALL STUDY 1: Live Your Mission (Sept – Oct)

“Without vision, people run wild” (Prov. 29:18)

We as men need a MISSION worth pursuing in our lives. Whether or not we admit it, there is something we are longing for, striving for, looking for. This fall, [email protected] wants to help you in Living Your Mission by:

  • Discovering Your Mission
  • Building Your Team to achieve your mission
  • Pressing On toward your mission with vigor
  • Attack Your Obstacles that get in the way of you achieving your mission

We’ll cap off this short intro series with an event called Live Your Mission Now. This will be a time of good chow, good guys and good challenge. Together, we’ll watch the film Free Burma Rangers, the powerful story of former US Army Ranger and current Missionary Dave Eubanks and his family. Dave has been called to the frontlines of combat to love and serve the least of these. It is an amazing story of a man living out his mission.

Men, don’t do life solo. Join the [email protected] this Fall to discover how God desires you to LIVE YOUR MISSION for him. 

Cost: $20 total and includes both fall studies
Sign-ups: Now through end of the series (jump in anytime).
Start Date: Monday Sept 12 at 7pm and Wednesday Sept 14 at 6am
End Date: Monday Oct 3 at 7pm and Wednesday Oct 5 at 6am
Live Event: October 12

*Note: both Monday and Wednesday options at RK and NV are identical in content


FALL STUDY 2: Men of the Word: Sermon on the Mount (Oct – Dec)

“You’ve heard it said… but I tell you…” – Jesus

We as men need the words of Jesus to instruct us about who God is, who we are, and why that matters. This is essential to discovering and living our mission! But many men feel bored, confused or anxious about opening the Bible, reading it and taking something away that they can apply to their lives. 

In our series, Men of the Word, we desire to build confidence in the men of God to open the Word, be able to read it accurately, broadly, deeply and meaningfully. Our hope is that this connects into our world in real and meaningful ways every single day. 

Join us mid-October for Men of the Word as we dig into the Sermon on the Mount. We’ll not only dig into the text itself, gleaning from it words to live by, we’ll also help you grow and sharpen your skills of biblical understanding to make it have lasting impact in your life.

Cost: $20 total and includes both fall studies
Sign-ups: Now through end of the series (jump in anytime).
Start Date: Monday Oct 17 at 7p and Wednesday Oct 19 at 6am
End Date: Monday Dec 19 at 7p and Wednesday Dec 21 at 6am

*Note: both Monday and Wednesday options at RK and NV are identical in content


*If you have already registered for “Fall Study 1,” you do not need to register again. You are already registered for “Fall Study 2” as well.

Every Man a Warrior Groups

Every Man a Warrior is a powerful discipleship ministry aimed at helping men grow in their love relationship with the Lord and become the men their family, workplace and society needs them to be. This purposeful and intense group consists of bible study, memory, group dialogue and accountability.

  • Book 1: Walking with God (9 weeks)
  • Book 2: Marriage and Raising Children (9 weeks)
  • Book 3: Money, Sex, Work, Hard Times, Making Your Life Count (10 weeks)
  • Book 4: Every Man a Pure Warrior – Sexual Integrity and Spiritual Battles (18 weeks)

New Groups are forming continuously and are available at various days, times and locations

Cost: $35
Fall Sign-ups: Now through Sept 11.
Start Date: Week of Sept 11, 2022
End Date: Spring 2023


For more information about Every Man a Warrior at Magnify Church, contact Jim Bolton.

For more information about Every Man a Warrior Ministries, check out their website here.