Annual Meeting

All Magnify Members are invited by the church board for an important meeting and a time of celebrating God’s faithfulness throughout the past year. (Note, anyone can attend this meeting, however only members are allowed to speak and vote.)

Who: All Magnify Members
When: May 22, 6-7pm
Where: Magnify Rockford Auditorium
Contact: Kim, [email protected]

Ways to be Part of the Meeting

  • Attend in person at our Rockford location
  • Attend virtually via ZOOM

Ways to Vote

  1. In person at our meeting via paper ballot or phone.
  2. Absentee ballot, available at your church location office starting May 15.

Agenda for the Annual Meeting

  1. Approve New Members from all campuses
    Isaac Chen, Judy Chen, Angela Clum, Shane Clum, Ben Cook, Dan Currie, Patty Currie, Cheryl Gilbert, Zach Hamilton, Brittany Heaton, Trent Heaton, Alicia Hoard, Bruce Houseman, Pat Houseman, Andrew Hovingh, Jan Huffman, John Huffman, Andrew Hunter, Brittany Hunter, Ashley Isenhoff, Hallie Jones, Jen Martin, Michael Martin, Will McComb, Adam Meyering, Jody Meyering, Colin Reichenbach, Charlene Sommer, Dan Spangler, Hannah Spangler, Andre Tavares, Cassia Maysa Cardosa Tavares, Crystal Vanderwall, Zach Vanderwall, Coleton Webber, Stephanie Webber, Sandy Wilson, Evanne Zainea
  2. Approve Deacons for the term of June 1, 2022-May 31, 2025
    Kevin Shuneson, Troy Cumings, Aaron Krampe, Drew Owsinski
  3. Approve Ray Sabon as a pastor (currently serves as Director of Students at the Northview location)
  4. Approve 2022-23 budget
    Click here to view budget
    Budget Category Definitions and Changes

You may also contact Tim Hoyt or Andrew Bauer