Virtual City Waiver & Release

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I am aware that during the Virtual City Event, certain risks and dangers may occur which are out of the control of the leaders. I further realize that I will be participating in activities in which the risk of an accident may be greater due to the nature and context of athletic experiences. For the right to participate in such activities, I have and do hereby assume all of the above risks, and will hold Magnify Church and all organization leaders harmless from all liability, actions, courses of action, debts, claims, and demands of every kind and nature which might arise in conjunction with my participation in the Virtual City activities. I also acknowledge the fact that the leaders have the right to terminate my participation in the Virtual City experiences because of health, physical condition, and/or behavior. I agree that the decisions of the leaders shall be binding upon me. Authorization to use picture, name, voice and likeness: I hereby, on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, sell, grant, assign and deliver to Magnify Church, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, its successors, agents, licensees and assigns (Magnify Church), and those acting under its permission or upon its authority, the exclusive right to own, copyright, use, reproduce, publish, license, assign, display, retouch and/or alter at any time and in any media, now known or hereafter developed for any lawful purpose, photographic and/or audio visual materials including my image and any recording of my voice associated therewith, and to make any changes and/or additions thereto, or derivative works there from, for reproduction and/or publication in conjunction with either my own or fictitious names, testimonial copy, or otherwise. I specifically waive and surrender any claim which I may now have or hereafter have that use of the work referenced above would constitute an invasion of my privacy. I release Magnify Church of any compensation or financial claim by me as a result of these recorded images or said project.