Two More Questions

Two More Questions

We continue to receive some great questions. Thank you! Remember you can submit questions anytime here.

As part of the expansion to Northland, will you be moving current pastoral staff over to the new campus or hiring new staff? Will we know what pastors would move before the member vote in May? Also what role would you expect to have Ben Phebus fill at Blythfield?

It was announced on April 9 that Don Pearson will be the Lead Campus Pastor at the Northland/Northview campus. Don brings over two decades of experience with students, writing/speaking, helping parents and overall church ministry. He also brings a fire passion to reach the Northview community.

He will also be at the Rockford campus throughout the week for meetings because we will still be one church. We also plan on sharing any additional staffing plans with the church before the vote in May.

As for Ben, our plan is to have him join our staff so that he can learn our culture and continue in his development. His role will be shared with everyone before the vote as well.

Are there any differences between their doctrinal positions and ours? If so what are they and which one would prevail?

There are not any doctrinal differences between Northland and Magnify. If the vote passes, Northland Baptist Church will dissolve completely and their church will become Magnify and Magnify’s doctrines and policies will be established at this campus.