Renovation Progressing Quickly

Renovation Progressing Quickly

northview unfinished room

The last two weeks have been full of exciting progress at the Northview Campus as we move closer to the September 17 launch date. Magnify Students from middle school and high school spent time during their serve trips working on demolition over the last few weeks. Here is what has been accomplished recently:

  • Demolition is virtually complete.
  • Atrium renovation has begun.
  • New walls are going up in the front of the auditorium.
  • Ceiling starts to come down on Monday (this means only construction personnel allowed in the building July 17-22).

If you would like to volunteer during the renovation process please email Tim Hoyt at [email protected].

We are so excited as we pray about what is ahead and our opportunity to partner with God to further reach the Northview and Rockford communities. Visit the launch page to sign up to serve on the Northview launch team or at the Rockford Campus.