Meet Ben Phebus

Meet Ben Phebus

Ben Phebus portrait

Less than 3 days from the launch of our Northview Campus and we have one more staff member to introduce.

Although Ben Phebus has been involved with Northland Baptist – soon to be the Northview Campus – in a formal setting for 5 years, his ties to the community go much further back than what appear on his resume.

Ben grew up at Northland Baptist. He moved away briefly to attend Moody Bible Institute before working for his Masters in Divinity at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He spent a year studying camp ministry at Lake Ann Camp, where he met his now-wife Missy, and after another internship the pair felt called to local church ministry and returned to Northland. Ben led worship ministries there for three years before transitioning into the lead pastor role. Currently, Ben and his wife are enjoying raising their two boys Jamin and Malachi while he steps into Blythefield’s 1829 ministry to focus on young professionals.

According to Ben, if you were to read his journal from 2013-14 you would find this opportunity of partnering with Blythefield checks off all of his wishes for the future of both communities. He is so excited about the avenue God will use to bring a picture of greater unity among church bodies. The unified effort of sharing the gospel is something incredibly important to him and he cannot wait to see the love of Christ transform lives in both areas.