Just the Beginning…

Just the Beginning…

Northview congregation

The scent of freshly dried paint lingered while balloons bobbed in in the wind. The parking lot was packed without a space to be found 20 minutes into the first service. This space that had been revitalized and claimed for Jesus was now full of hungry people. People seeking hope and help. A small army of people also hungry to serve and bless the Northview Community. The Northview Campus of Magnify has been launched!

Similar to giving birth, Sunday was just the beginning. The first day of the next 50 years. The beginning of new sacrifice and risk humbly laid before the Lord for his blessing.

Thank you for your part in launching our second campus! Now the hard, long work of patiently loving, teaching and living begins. Though much was done, much more is still to be accomplished. At both campuses our vision to move Forward Together was shared. Just as Magnify was started with the gift of 6 acres years ago, what sacrifices will we make for our community and future generations?


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