Answers to some questions

Answers to some questions

We have received some great questions. Keep them coming! You can submit a question here. Here are a couple of our recent responses.

What data or research do we know to back up the thought that partnering like this will revive this ministry?

We have been doing a lot of reading and meeting with other churches experienced with the rebirth model. We have met the most with Woodside Bible Church on the east side of the state. We have also met with Riverview Church in Holt. There is a great book that we are using to assist us with this process called Better Together, Making Church Mergers Work.

Each of these approaches have similarities and differences. We are combing the best of each of these approaches as we put our plan together for this rebirth of Northland.

Will youth trips & retreats include both campuses or be separate? I am wondering the same about camps like Kids Worship Arts Camp, Virtual City, Easter drama, etc.

Our plan as of right now is that youth trips & retreats, Blythefield Kids events, and worship ministry events will include both campuses but not necessarily be duplicated at each location. This may change depending on how the Northland/Northview campus grows and the needs that may arise as a result.