The Reign of God Over All Things

The Reign of God Over All Things

Worthy of Worship
Scripture Reference: Psalms 145:10-13
Discussion Guide

Matt Zainea, Rockford Location on July 24, 2022

The Reign of God Over All Things

Big Idea: Think about the ways you have seen a foretaste of the future kingdom of God in your daily life. Share your observations with someone close and look for ways to be that in someone else’s life.

All of creation is called to proclaim the glory and power of God’s kingdom. If we don’t, the very rocks will cry out! Matt Zainea uses Psalm 145 and Isaiah 60 to teach us more about being God’s church and living for His kingdom.

Check out the below notes, questions and thoughts and discuss them as a group. Be sure to take time to open and read Scripture, praying with and for one another as you consider what it looks like to follow the way.

Psalm 145:10

  • All your works (everything that God has made will send a message of thanks to God)
  • All your saints (every believer will bless God – recognize who He is and what He’s done, to make his name known as the source of all that is powerful and full of glory.

Group Question: When you hear the word, “kingdom” what pops into your head?

A new kingdom is coming.

  • There’s something powerful in this world that gives us a preview of the kingdom to come.
  • The preview of the kingdom pales in comparison to the coming kingdom.
  • This is the only kingdom that lasts.
  • Jesus will oversee the kingdom.

There is so much in this world today that bears witness to the coming kingdom. We’re to point it out, we’re to name it!

Group Question: What’s the last movie you saw? Can you think of a movie that looked great in the preview, but you were disappointed with the actual movie?


  • Jesus says, “The Kingdom of God is here.” Meaning, he’s present, his rightful rule.
  • The Psalmist is mostly talking about the place where God’s dominion is eternal and perfect.
  • The whole universe. There’s a lot we still don’t know about the universe.

Isaiah 60 – gives us four tangible handles to think about the kingdom.

“God’s eternal kingdom will redeem the creative and cooperative work of humanity.”

  • Everything we create will be redeemed. It will no longer be held back by the consequences of sin.

Egg salad vs. peanut butter and jelly

  • Trading sandwiches – both kids involved were happier – gladly, willingly, honestly and openly exchanged.
  • We exchange money (stored work) for goods.
  • This happens globally a trillion times a day = human flourishing

Group Question: What’s your favorite sandwich? Who makes it the best?

The Gathering of Wealth / Economics:

Nothing else in the created order makes trades like this. No other being is creative and cooperative like the human is. This is amazing! We will do this forever! Everything good and true and beautiful will be redeemed into the new kingdom.

“The way you work, create, and exchange should be a foretaste of God’s Kingdom. So we do all these things with gratitude, honor, skill and integrity.”

We do not deal as the world does. We’re not looking to make shady deals. We take joy in exchanging honestly and openly. We take joy in giving our all to our work. We take joy in creating and appreciating art that is beautiful. We must recognize these things.

Group Question: When you imagine what the new heaven and new earth will be like, did you ever consider that we will still be creating things and buying and selling? Is this a new concept for you? How do you feel about it?

Kings / Politics:

“God’s eternal kingdom will redeem the broken political structures anchored in power, revenge and greed.”

The kingdom will be a place of redeemed political arrangements.

It’s good to participate honestly in politics, they still matter, but we hold them in their correct place.

“We do not despair or rage over political schemes that don’t go our way. They are important, but not ultimate. Our involvement should point to the truth that liberty under a perfect king awaits us.”

The way we go about things sends a message as to what kind of kingdom is coming.

Group Question: What kind of role did politics play in your family of origin? Do you think you were taught a healthy view of politics, or was it skewed? When you consider what it means to hold politics in their correct place, do you tend to overestimate their importance, or have you become cynical, or are you somewhere in the middle? What do you think would help you to see politics with a kingdom perspective?

Who’s there:

Who’s going to be in the kingdom? Anyone who will come to Jesus!

The only allegiance that matters is Jesus.

“God’s eternal kingdom redeems all human associations that intentionally or naively separate us into ‘us vs. them’ by transcending them with the only association that will prevail—the family of God.”

We have all kinds of associations. They usually become exclusive in some way shape or form. The kingdom will not be exclusive.

“We enter associations with a mind not toward exclusion but to identifying and removing oppression. We are to seek the forgotten and offer inclusion and hospitality.”

Christians often end up in associations that behave in an ungodly ways. If a group that claims to be godly but treats others in ways that Christ wouldn’t, that association is not one we should be a part of.

We can be part of associations, but we hold them rightly. We’re never exclusionary, because we’re here to tell the world about the coming kingdom with a perfect king, Jesus. None of our associations should block that. This is the kingdom where all belong.

Group Question: All of us want to find a place where we feel like we fit or belong, and when we find it we want to protect it. While that can have its place, it can also lead to others feeling excluded. As a group, brainstorm some ways that you can extend warmth to those who may feel like outsiders. What is one step that you can take to extend hospitality to someone who isn’t in your usual circles?

The Light:

Jesus will be our only source of light. We don’t really understand how that’s going to work, but we know it’s true.

“God’s eternal kingdom will bask in the light of the glory of God through the presence of the beloved Son Jesus.”

Eternal Kingdom = the light will be Jesus.
Today = the light is to be the church.

We tend to think of being the light of the world individualistically. But, when we come together as believers, we shine much more brightly. The church is often full of discord, resentment, jealously, envy, ambition, gossip, we hurt and wound one another, we stay separate. When we do that, we are not a powerful light. But when we forgive, when we restore and overcome the pain, and come back together, and we’re focused on the same thing, the world cannot miss it! It’s powerful!

Matt’s story about his cousin, “Matt, I can’t believe your church. Your church is amazing. We’ve tried to build a village of relationships on our own, but it can’t compare to your church.”

Why do we ever choose discord? Discord doesn’t point to the coming kingdom. To be the light means to really care for one another. When we’re hurt, we work to restore relationships and to own our part, ask for forgiveness and forgive one another. We come together, knowing that there’s a kingdom coming where hurt and discord won’t happen anymore. Because of that, we’re resolved to live at peace with one another. As much as we can control on our side, we’re going to do it, because we’re the light of the world.

Group Question: Together as a group, read John 13:34-35. The world is dark. They’re desperate for light. How is the world going to find that light if we’re not loving one another? Is the Spirit bringing someone to mind that you need to seek restoration with? Pray for one another toward that end.

Big idea: Think about the ways you have seen a foretaste of the future kingdom of God in your daily life. Share your observations with someone close and look for ways to be that in someone else’s life.