The Call

The Call

John 1:35-51


What would you say if someone asked you to define a disciple?


Becoming a disciple goes much deeper than being a christian.

A disciple’s quest is to become like their master.


To really understand being a disciple is to care about what Jesus cares about.

This requires much intentionality.



  • What are you holding onto that’s keeping you from truly seeking Jesus? 
  • Of the six core values listed in the notes section below which of the core values do you most consistently demonstrate? What helps you to thrive in this area?
  • Of the six core values which one do you least consistently demonstrate? What hinders you in this area? 
  • Conviction, confidence, confusion and choose are the stages of discipleship. Which stage most represents where you are currently? Explain your answer. 



Conviction, confidence, confusion and choose are stages of discipleship.


A disciple is more than a student. 

A disciple’s quest is to become like their master.

A disciple wants to care about what Christ cares about. 


We see the disciples have a resounding confidence in Christ in the initial days of their discipleship. 

But, each one will go through the four stages as well. 


Am I cultivating things in my life that deepens my discipleship?


6 values for discipleship.

Worship: we grow by connecting with God.

This includes both corporate and personal worship.


If our gratitude is symbolized by a cup, how deep is our cup?


What am I worshipping? We are always worshipping someone or something.


The next value is: learn. 

We choose what shapes us by choosing what we learn. 

We ask ourselves, “What is shaping me?”


The next value is: relate.

We need a place to be known, present and faithful. 

Small groups are an integral part of our church discipleship strategy.


Am I a life giver with the way I relate? 


The next value is: give.

We give with gratitude and love. 

Does my worship cost me something? Am I giving something I value to the God I love?


The next value is: serve.

Do I just go to church or am I an integral part of the body of Christ?


The next value is: reach.

We grow by taking risks. 

Who am I reaching right now? 


There is something underneath each value that energizes each. 

Underneath them all is humility.

Humility is the letting go of our ambition. 

We all have ambition in some areas. 


We hold a tight grip on our ambition. We need to ask God to help us to see what we are grasping?

Humility is humus which means fertile soil.