In Significant Moments (Part 5) – Sermon Discussion Guide – 10.8.23

In Significant Moments (Part 5) – Sermon Discussion Guide – 10.8.23

Andrew Bauer                                               Rockford Campus                                                Oct. 8, 2023


In Significant Moments





Leader Development Class (Sunday nights) – Our team has come together to make space for our leaders to come together to connect, to grow, and to leave charged up to lead well. This class runs weekly during the Sunday evening programming. It is a class you can jump in on at any time. Our goal is that all our leaders would be connected into trainings at least 4 times a year to keep sharp and to help sharpen others. For questions or suggestions on class topics, please reach out to Trent Heaton ([email protected]).


Praise Service (10/8, 5:30pm) – Tonight, we are hosting a time of fellowship and worship in the evening. Alongside our worship team, we are welcoming the Amoni Children’s Choir from Uganda. Join us for this evening of worship and prayer.

(We are pausing our LDC – please attend the Praise Service instead)


Guy’s Game Night (10/27, 6pm) – Men at Magnify is gathering men from all corners of our church to hang out, eat lots of food and play games together. This will be a fun night to get to know other guys. Check out the link for more details.





Andrew began the message asking about firsts in speaking… Share about the time when:

  • You first said, “I love you” to your first love.
  • Your child said their first words.
  • You had a significant conversation and the words still mean a lot to you now.






Note: We encourage you to read the entire text together as a group out loud.





This passage contains a difficult message if we really consider its impact on our lives. Our words matter so much- even in moments we would consider “insignificant”. As we consider the power of our words, we encourage you to be honest and open-minded as God works through His Word.


QUESTION: Do you: “Think to talk” or “Talk to think”? In other words, do you normally process life and then talk, or do you normally process by talking?


QUESTION: Think back to this last week: what words came out when you…

  • Were tired?
  • Were anxious or nervous?
  • Were angry or hurt?
  • Were sad or disappointed?





Read verses 1-2 out loud (again, if you already have).


These verses, reveal the complex nature of the power of our words. Our words carry weight; the ones we say and the ones we don’t say.


QUESTION: Share about a time when you felt the weight of words from someone else. Share about a time when you felt the weight of words you wanted to hear but didn’t.


QUESTION: What do you think of this statement?


“No human can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.” (v8b)


QUESTION: What is God saying to us about our speech in this verse? What then has the power to tame our tongues?


 The Power of Words


Read v3-6 aloud again.


QUESTION: Share an example of how small things have been impact in your life. This may be simple things like how not eating breakfast can ruin the rest of your day.


QUESTION: Why does the tongue have such great power? Before answering: read aloud

  • Proverbs 18:21
  • Luke 6:43-45



In our hearts there is a war going on: The Kingdom of Me vs The Kingdom of God.

Only one will win out. Even as we are sinning, God is moving toward us.


It is grace for God to reveal our sin to us, convict our hearts, and show us His ways.


Read Hebrews 12:4-11 aloud.


One of God’s most gracious acts of love for us is when He confronts our death-bringing Words.


The Word Given For Us


In John 1, we are told that Jesus is the Word of God with which the world was made and through which it is now sustained. This Word – Jesus Christ – was given for us even when we were and are using our words to destroy.


QUESTION: How does the Gospel impact our Words?


QUESTION: Share a story of God’s grace for you through the Words of Scripture or other believers.






This week, think about your words. Do they bring life or death? Do they build up or tear down? Do they serve you or others?


Challenge: Each day this week, find 3 people to intentionally speak life  to them. Consider: sending an unexpected text of encouragement. Call someone out of the blue to pray for them. Share with someone a passage of Scriptural encouragement that reminds you of them and share why.





As a group, take time to talk about what prayers you have that you need. Think through them in the Upward, Inward, Outward categories.