Summer Chinese Exchange Student Program

Hello everyone.

  I wanted to take a  moment and let you know about an opportunity to reach out to some Chinese exchange students for a few weeks this summer.

I've known about this program for a few years, and it sounds super exciting to me, but our family is always on vacation in Ludington the first two weeks of August.
I met with the couple who started the program , Tim and Shelley Bauer, a couple weeks ago and heard the story of how God really opened the doors for them to reach out to these students in this way.  The cool thing about the program is that the school that partners with them is not Christian, but allows the students to attend a Christian Bible camp for one of the weeks they are here.  The program gives each student a Bible to have during camp week and of course keep.  They have had a tremendous opportunity to share the gospel and form relationships with these students and the teachers and administrators from this school
I would highly recommend that if you can spend some time in prayer about taking one or two of these kids for less than 3 weeks this summer ( July 18 through August 6 and they are at camp from 7/23-7/28), please do.  It is a great way for us to minister  the power of the gospel.  ( The kids will pay you for the few weeks they stay at your house but you can also donate the money toward any adopting family you know...)
Research the program and contact Tim and Shelley - [email protected] to let them know you would like more information.
Watch the video at the bottom!!
Blessings, Lesley

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