Grafted Zoom Class

Times of increased stress often cause us to feel off balance and isolated. We know this is even more true for our kids who have experienced previous stress and trauma. Join us for six Sunday night zoom classes from 6-7pm starting February 21 through March 28. The classes will include teaching and topical discussion on how the pandemic has affected our children and how we can empower them to be successful in trying times. We will seek to discuss these topics with a filter of giving grace, seeking unity and living in the tension of difficult decisions. The format will be via Zoom and one week of teaching followed by one week of Zoom group discussion.

Topics will include:

  • Increasing co-regulation in times of stress - for ourselves and our kids.
  • Increasing felt safety and control in the midst of uncertainty.
  • The effects of isolation and increased technology time on our teens and tweens.

Join Sunday Night at 6pm

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