Grafted Winter Classes

The following two classes will be offered at the beginning of 2019! Grafted is offering 2 Sunday classes beginning January 6, 6p at the Rockford Campus. If you are an adoptive family, volunteer in B.Kids, or have any interaction with children that have been adopted, we would love for you to attend. Information for both classes is listed below.

ROOTED: This class provides gospel-centered support for adoptive and foster families—designed specifically for families, churches, orphan ministries, counselors, and adoption agencies. Christian families, inspired by the gospel of Jesus Christ, are often at the forefront of adoption and foster care. But for many of these parents there can also be unique, complex challenges. ROOTED is a timely resource that will help you connect God’s love to your parenting, equipping you with a Biblical framework and practical skills for parenting children who have trauma, hurt, and rejection in their past and other post-placement challenges.

PARENTING ADOLESCENTS: Are you parenting an older child that has experienced trauma? Each stage of life can bring new challenges - this is especially true for children from hard places. Are you facing issues such as lying, stealing, refusing care, new waves of grief and loss, manipulation and control? Come join us as we learn together from leading experts in the field of adoption - studying the top questions that adoptive parents ask. We will dive deeper into what we as adoptive parents bring to the table, adjusting our trust-based parenting style to work for teenagers, and practice responding to some of the most difficult issues parents of adopted tweens and teens face. This study will not follow a specific curriculum, but rather pull from many top sources and be adjusted to meet your needs. Come with questions and a heart ready to grow and be encouraged!

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