Grafted Update

We are happy to announce that starting this Sunday, January 9 at 6 pm we will be offering winter support classes for our Grafted Adoption/Foster families and wrap around friends!  We will meet at the Rockford campus in room  421 and childcare will be provided. If you are in a home study process, often our classes will count for your hours needed - just check with your home study case worker.
We have gone back over the topics from the past four winters and pulled out information we believe could use more in depth discussion. Our theme for this winter is 9 x’s out of 10 the story behind the misbehavior won’t make you angry, it will break your heart…  We have different facilitators for each topic, and we are planning on a format of 10-15 minutes refresh time on each topic, question and answer time and then small group discussion time each evening.  A schedule of topics and facilitators is listed below.
  • January 10 Part 1 & 2 of 5 Point Child Development Plan  ( Educational and Physical Components)  Facilitators- Stacy Crowell and Lesley Zainea
  • January 16 Part 3&4 of 5 Point Plan ( Social and Emotional Behaviors) Facilitator-TBD
  • January 23 Part 5 of  5 Point Plan ( Spiritual Growth)  Facilitator -Lesley Zainea
  • January 30 & February 6 Neuroception  Facilitator-TBD
  • February 27 & March 6 Self Regulation Can Be Taught  Facilitator -Bethany Hall
  • March 13 Are you a Trauma Informed Caregiver?  Facilitator-Alicia Homrich
  • March 20 Caregiver Selfcare Facilitator- Alicia Homrich
Please feel free to invite others who may not attend Magnity but would find the topics and discussion informative!
Grafted Team

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