Grafted/ Adoption Group Prayer Sheet for Winter 2018

Please pray for 3 families currently in the adoption process: Pray for God to bring them
together with their predestined child He has set apart just for them. Pray against the enemy
who would try and prevent hurting children from being in loving homes. Pray for finances. Pray
against discouragement with government offices both in the US and internationally. Pray
against corruption.
Please pray for the 4 families that are currently attending the researching/ considering
adoption group. Please pray for them to know the exact timing of when their adoption should
happen. Please pray they will listen to the Spirit in exactly what way their family should be
involved in adoption whether through foster care, domestic adoption, international adoption,
support of hurting mothers etc. Pray against confusion and events that would block their
desire to adopt.
Please pray for our families recently united with their forever children. Pray for one
family who is fostering to adopt and for the adoption process to go smooth for their sake and
mainly for the sake of the child. Pray for the family recently home from China that their son
would come to quick understanding of the language, so he can come to a deeper realization
of what has happened. Pray for families home in the past couple years that are dealing with
kids from hard places. Pray for good support and omnipotent wisdom in how to love these
kids well.
Please pray that the Spirit will move in our Blythefield community to support orphaned
and hurting children even more in the future whether through supporting hurting moms/dads,
respite and practical physical support for adoptive families, or adopting kids into their families
and homes themselves.
Please pray for us to get a respite program off the ground that would provide respite
for adoptive families experiencing emotional struggles on a regular basis. These kids usually
don’t give the respite family any trouble compared to the adoptive family. We would love to
see a regular program and volunteer families in place to help these emotionally exhausted
We would also love to see volunteers at both our campuses trained in how to handle
kids from hard places. Often our traditional methods of dealing with defiant children don’t
work and can cause more emotional stress with parents who have given their kids into our care
for a much needed break and spiritual renewal.
Please pray the Spirit will move in the hearts of adoptive adolescents who are dealing
with the normal identity crises many teens must come through but have the added issue of not
knowing their family of origin. Pray they will get their identity from Christ alone and that their
parents will have the knowledge ( and time to spend in prayer) needed to aid these kids in that
Our missionaries directly working with orphans in foreign countries: These families
have adopted children as well.
Chad and Marlana Smith in Guatemala: Please pray for our team as Chad disciples and
develops a stronger team in his new role of Guatemala Country Director with World Orphans.
It’s exciting, but leading a team isn’t always know! We are going to Guate for five
days in March to meet with them and get residency stamps but are planning our real return
once school is out in June. Our furlough has been a blessing for many reasons but our hearts
are in two places for sure!

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