Grafted/ Adoption Group Bio

Grafted/ Adoption Group Bio
Areas we are currently serving:
We have over 70 families impacted by adoption at Blythefield - both campuses.
We have an annual chili dinner on Adoption Sunday every fall. This year we had over 150
people in attendance.
We pray a Grafted prayer over families shortly after they are united with their children. We do
this in an effort to further graft them into a family, not just by paperwork and laws but by the
Spirit of the Lord. We use Ephesians 3 and walk through the deeper meaning of adoption as
sons and daughters of Christ.
We are currently offering support groups for 8 weeks this winter. We hope to offer these
classes every winter. We have three separate groups meeting: 1) researching/ considering 2)
home 1-5 years 3) adopted adolescent parents
We have money set aside for adoption support and are currently able to provide financial
assistance to families that have their home study completed.
We have families at Blythefield that offer respite for mothers through a program called Safe
Families. We have social workers at Blythefield that work with the city foster care programs
and refugee foster care programs.
We provide meals for families that have just come home with children to provide help with extra
stressors similar to when a mother has a biological birth of a child.
We have a “button” on the church website where we are striving to offer more communication
and awareness. ( - missions - Orphan Care - blog )

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