Adoption Committee Meeting This Tuesday Sept 25

Hello everyone.

I am planning an Adoption Committee meeting for Tuesday, September 25. Last year I just emailed a few people, but I really don't want anyone to feel unwelcome.  If you have an interest in helping out with our annual dinner, our support classes, scheduling dinners or events, please feel free to come.
Conference room behind welcome desk
or Matt's office if conference room is busy.
Tuesday, September 25
( bring lunch if you would like to eat and talk.)
I will attach our present committee list.  Please feel free to sign up for different things even if you can't come to the meeting.
Orphan Care Committees:
Communication: Blog and Facebook - Leslie Schultz
Secretary??: Gwen VanMannen, Patty Smith
Prayer Updates/ Grafting Prayer: Lesley Zainea
Counseling - Aaron VanMannen
Resources: Books, Blogs - Jen Seiler, Mike Carroll, Jen Einfeld
Respite - Nicole Huffman, Sarah Perrin, Danni Krooswyk,
Lesley Zainea ( during the week days…)
Meals - Sarah Perrin, Jodi Kubizna, Lori Axelson, Jen Seiler, Jen Einfeld
Mentor Mom: Lori Axelson, Becky Cummings, Robin Kirk
Connection (Researching Adoption/ countries): Gale and Char Lanning,
Matt and Lesley Zainea, Perrins - India, Axelsons and Kubiznas - China,
VanBerkels - Haiti
Connecting with Community/ Events: Gwen VanMannen, Char Lanning, Jodi Kubizna,
Seilers, Einfeld,
Foster Care: Olivia Kirk

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