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Find out more about groups.

What is a group?

Groups are a place where broken people can be known, present, and faithful to God and each other.

Why do groups matter?

Groups exist so people can build authentic redemptive relationships as they grow together through the Word, Spirit, and people of God.

  • To be KNOWN. Where we risk opening up and letting people into the dark places where we hide. This is a step by step process of growing in trust with people and with God. With growing vulnerability brings more opportunity to taste of God’s love through His Spirit and His people.
  • To be PRESENT. We want to be a safe place for others to risk being known. We want to listen well, pursue each other, and be redemptively curious about the lives of others as we’re open to the Holy Spirit’s leading.
  • To be FAITHFUL. God never gives up on us. We want to follow his example and not give up on others. We are broken people who will hurt each other, but God is up to something good in the midst of our trials and conflicts. We want to be a church that is committed to loving one another, even when it’s hard. That begins by being dedicated and showing up to the group.

How will joining a group benefit me?

You will get to know other people and have an opportunity to build meaningful relationships. You can grow spiritually as you study the Bible together and apply its truths to your life. You will not be alone in your struggles and challenges. Groups provide opportunities to serve, encourage one another and become all we can be in Christ.

How many people are in a group?

Eight to twelve people are typically in a group, including leaders. Support groups can be larger.

Where and when do groups meet?

Groups typically meet in homes, 7-9p or 6:30-8:30p. Most groups meet every other week. Support groups meet weekly for a determined time.

What does a typical group meeting look like?

Groups often begin with refreshments and casual, social time. They study the Sunday sermons or a topic that is relevant to spiritual growth. Groups seek to build truth over time, sharing struggles and joys so they can pray for, encourage and grow with one another toward Christ. Confidentiality is a priority.

What if the group I join isn’t a good fit for me?

Within the first three to four meetings, group members discuss and come to a mutual agreement about the purpose and values of their groups. But, not every group is the right fit for everyone. Processing this with the group leader is an important first step to addressing concerns about the small group. If adjustments can’t be made, sometimes another group is the best choice for you.

What kinds of opportunities are there for groups to serve in and outside of Magnify?

In addition to serving one another within the group, our small groups serve in our local church ministries, bridge-building events and the community. Groups are assigned a global partner to pray for and support through cards and emails. Groups are encouraged to participate in the Mission of Magnify by serving locally together.

What kind of training and support are available for those who want to lead a group?

The Foundations for Small Group Leadership class is offered twice a year on Sunday mornings during the first service and occasionally on Sunday nights. Advanced leadership classes are also available. Short 525 retreats are available throughout the year. Curriculum, discussion guides, and other resources are available on the website or at the Information Desk. Sunday evening classes are highly encouraged for additional training.

How do I join a group?

To join a group or ask a question contact either Trent Heaton, Director of Small Groups and Men’s Ministry or Kathryn Jones, Adult Small Group/Men’s Ministry Admin.